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tv   News 6 at 4p  CBS  March 8, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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[real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> julie: straight to a breaking traffic alert at 4:00. a semi slams into a power pole, knocking out electricity to some neighbors in orange county. sky 6 flew over the scene near east cimarron boulevard in apopka. we checked and the power has since been restored. the cause of the crash is unclear. we'll keep you posted. >> ginger: good afternoon, everyone. this is news 6 at 4:00, getting results. i'm ginger gadsden. >> julie: i'm julie broughton. lisa bell is off.
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got video in minutes ago of major damage in texas following a tornado. dozens of homes are torn apart and two people are hurt. this is in hood county. cell phone video shows this. more breaking news. a car mangled after firefighters say it slammed into a lynx bus. sky 6 flew over the scene on curry ford road. firefighters say they had to rip the roof off of the car to remove someone trapped inside. that person is expected to be okay. the investigation is ongoing tonight. >> ginger: also developing. i don't know if you were outside today. it's warm but the humidity is on the low side but the heat is definitely on in central florida. >> julie: yes, it is. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is pinpointing the temperatures. it's getting warm out there.
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much. tomorrow. wednesday afternoon it will be a different story. you're right, it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. take a look at this visible satellite image right now. we've got a touch of cloud cover streaming in from the atlantic. looking to the west, you were the newscast. big thunderstorms in texas tonight. here at home, nothing. way back out here in texas, big hour. last night at 11:00, it was nasty through parts of dallas, texas and those areas. today it's shifted farther from dallas to kansas city. it's covering a large swath to the nation's interior there, from kansas to oklahoma all the living fine. we're holding at 77 degrees right now in orlando. 75 in sanford. 73 does it in palm coast.
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bike week is in full swing. temperatures tonight, on-the-town forecast, good stuff. mostly clear and mild. 74 degrees within the hour. come 6:00 tonight, we down to 73. 7 p.m. takes it to 70. from there, we'll keep dropping. i'll be back and we'll pinpoint overnight lows for tonight. then i'll show you how warm things are going to be for tomorrow. >> ginger: thank you, tom. four states have been holding primaries and caucuses today and new poll numbers show donald trump is still the republican to beat. the republicans are voting today in mississippi, idaho, hawaii and michigan. michigan has the most delegates at stake. trump leads cruz by 13 points. in the meantime, marco rubio is making his final push in his home state in tampa tonight after stopping in kissimmee today. mark lehman caught up with him one-on-one on the campaign trail. >> reporter: after his stop in kissimmee today, senator marco
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on the sunshine state. he says even though four states are voting in primaries today, he's eyeing our vote one week away. >> florida is going to be decisive. it always is. >> reporter: for rubio, it's -- he says a win here will catapult him into contention with donald trump. >> i'm the only one who can beat him in florida. if donald trump wins in florida, he'll take all 99 delegates and on his way to the nomination. >> reporter: he's still trailing by eight points in florida. a confident rubio thinks voters will turn to him on tuesday. >> he's done a good job of creating a reality show personality but it's not the same as who's going to be president. >> reporter: he's preparing for the final debate on thursday before florida's primary.
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on the issues and not arguing. >> reporter: what's your strategy going into the debate on thursday night? >> reporter: from here, rubio continues his push in florida with stops along the gulf coast and st. augustine and then heading to miami as he prepares for thursday's debate. for now, reporting in kissimmee, mark lehman, news 6. >> ginger: hillary clinton and bernie sanders are set on face off during a debate in miami tomorrow. then it's the republican's turn on thursday. i'll be at both events and we'll have live coverage on news 6 and online at >> julie: in brevard county, a gas tanker crash shut down all lanes of i-95. this is the scene this morning when state troopers say another vehicle cut off the tanker and then hit the guardrail. the truck driver ended up with
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the tanker was empty at the time of the crash. >> ginger: now at 4:00, we have learned the star of seaworld's killer whale show is very sick. tilikum is the notorious 12,000-pound killer whale and is not doing very well. he performed at shamu stadium until recently, even after the death of dawn brancheau in 2010. eric sandoval is live at seaworld. what are you hearing out there? >> reporter: they put out a tweet. they write they're saddened to report that tilikum's health has deteriorated. we flew sky 6 over seaworld. you can see tilikum in his tank, just laying there. the video from seaworld's website shows a healthier, playful tilikum. but recently the killer whale has become more lethargic and his health is beginning to deteriorate.
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seaworld cares page describes a respiratory condition that's extremely difficult to treat. >> the species we found in tilikum is a type of bacteria found in a variety of species. for that, he receives a number of medications on a daily basis. >> reporter: tilikum is most notoriously known for the death of trainer dawn brancheau in 2010. she drowned and died of blunt force trauma. since then, animal activists and the documentary "blackfish" calls on the ending of whales at seaworld. >> we use a variety of oral anti-fungals several times a day would administer in the fish. if tilikum showed up with this
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be gone a long time ago. >> reporter: but the vet goes on to say they have not found a cure for the respiratory disease and that it might kill tilikum. now p.e.t.a., as you would imagine, is very upset about this. we'll hear from them coming up at 5:00. >> ginger: thank you, eric. as the story developed, find the latest on tilikum's condition on, powered by news 6. this has to be the worst kept secret of the week. governor rick scott joined other local leaders today to make a huge announcement. >> julie: pro wrestling's biggest event is coming to the he citrus bowl. matt austin is joining us now. what does it mean for the local economy? >> it's time for speedos and shiny boots, ladies. this event will bring in $100 million to the area says teresa jacobs.
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bowl april 2nd of 2017. it will bring in fans from all over the world. orlando -- governor rick scott and orlando mayor buddy dyer and orange county mayor teresa jacobs made the announcement inside the stadium. several stars were there. mayor buddy dyer says this is a huge testament as to why orlando fixed up the citrus bowl. >> we've had 70's like the rolling stones and all of our bowl game, which we wouldn't have all those events had we not done the renovation in the citrus bowl. >> matt: the citrus bowl had record-breaking attendance. the crowd brought $50 million to central florida. this year, wkmg .w.e. expects to double that. the citrus bowl is the first stadium in the nation to host wrestle mania twice, by the way.
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speedos and shiny boots, that's not really -- >> matt: did you hear anything else i said after that? >> ginger: no, i didn't. >> julie: it was all over my facebook page. people are really excited about it. >> matt: it would be like the super bowl in orlando if you're a wrestling fan. >> julie: a lot of people are sharing their excitement about this announcement on facebook. [reading postings] >> julie: let us know your thoughts on 6. >> ginger: so, julie, you have a lot of time. we can brush up on our wrestling terms. >> julie: we'll be googling. >> ginger: still ahead, the new fitness craze hitting central
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involved. >> julie: and incredible video here. a plane lands with its parachute while the plane is still rolling. what we learned. >> ginger: and >> you're watching news 6 at 4:00, getting results for central florida. we'll be right back. . >> and join us on facebook during the break. just search for me at broughton news.
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>> ginger: a huge flea market in chicago caught on fire today and the smoke from this thing could be seen for miles. the fire sent black smoke billowing into the sky at the buyer's flea market. the fire shut down neighboring streets. large chunks of the top of the building could be seen just collapsing. the block long flea market is the city's largest indoor, outdoor flea market.
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there are no reports of injuries. >> julie: a new fitness craze called class pass is expanding across the country, including here in central florida. as a monthly subscriber, you can take all the fitness classes you want at more than 7500 studios and gyms across the country, even internationally. ashley diamond recently took a top physique bar class as part of her pass class membership. most of the women here are members of class pass, which is a monthly subscription service offering unlimited services at thousands of fitness studios and gyms. >> you can make working outfit into your schedule. >> julie: it's the largest service of its kind. it was started in new york in 2013. it has exploded to expand internationally including these 29 metropolitan areas in the u.s. with more on the way. >> we're going to continuously
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with different models through the rest of this year and into next year. we'll be in every market in the u.s. >> julie: if you cancel a class less than 12 hours before it starts, you're charged $15. if you don't show up, the fee goes up to $20. you can't visit any studio more than three times a month, which means it's not for every workout addict like this woman. >> when i like a studio, i'll go to the studio and don't really shop around. >> julie: but for those who like variety, it offers plenty. she split her way to fitness. >> i want to do something that gets my cardio going more the next week. >> julie: users say class pass makes working out a pleasure, rather than a chore. you can go online or using an app. the monthly fee ranges depending
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for five classes here in orlando, it's $45 and unlimited is $79. they also have kick classes on the ones in orlando. i don't know if i was a member, if my daughter could go. it's cool to check out. >> ginger: i like the idea. sometimes you get bored with the same routine. maybe you find a gym you like and you just stay there. it's really cool. you get to travel around. look at this video. a plane fell from the sky in long island and it almost looks like a toy bouncing there. the emergency parachute attached to it helped guide it to that landing. police say the pilot was flying with his daughter when the plane lost power at 2,000 feet. the surveillance camera caught the aircraft crashing on to a grassy area of an industrial park. look at that. both the pilot and his daughter left the plane with barely a scratch. listen, they had -- well, good thing they had the parachute attached to it as well. you only need it to work once.
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times over. if i ever do that, that's what i'm going to do. get one with a chute. >> ginger: chief meteorologist tom sorrells is joining us now. you see the humidity is creeping up a little bit. but today, i walked in the building with someone else and they say, "you know, it was really hard to come back from lunch today." >> tom: did they say it was a 10 on the sorrells scale? >> ginger: they didn't say it but their looks did. >> tom: where's the love? tomorrow is going to be a 10, too. >> ginger: don't tease us. >> tom: i'm totally bummed. i went past my storm pins. stand by, in 3, 2, 1. isn't that beautiful? >> julie: that was worth the wait.
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he's got his beach bicycle here. and the fat boys are here with the big fat tire here. i do both. >> download storm pins right now in your app store. we'd like to see what you're seeing in central florida. radar is as dry as it can be right now in central florida. the radar in the nation's interior, storming from houston to dallas, all kind of pushed to the east of dallas. here's tyler, texas, on over to shreveport, texarkana getting walloped right now. all kinds of big problems. tornado watches are going on. severe thunderstorm warnings are going on right now. from springfield to kansas city, it's still storming there and all that is surging from the southwest and up to the north and barely marching east. it's slowly making its way to the east. eventually we'll get a cold front in here and storminess eventually. right now, things are pretty good. daytime highs so far, we touched 79.
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the next couple of hours. leesburg, 79. ocala, 79. 77 did it today in daytona beach. brevard county, 75 from the cape to 76 in cocoa beach. right now, in daytona beach is standing by with a reading of 74 degrees. 79 from leesburg to ocala to gainesville. still 77 in orlando and 75 in melbourne. i want you to see the satellite and radar together here. we've got a little bit of cloud cover today but it didn't produce any rain. we're not looking for any big scattered showers just yet. there's the stormness building in the nation's interior but it's not coming to us until friday, at the earliest. big area of high pressure is the big dominant weather for us. it's providing a lot of dry air in place. with that happening, it's not looking for much. a little bit of cloud cover builds during the day tomorrow. the humidity is on the way back up. so tomorrow, it creeps back up a little bit more. on wednesday, thursday and into friday. eventually we'll get scattered
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thursday's another warm, beautiful day. overnight lows tonight, we'll be talking about temperatures dropping down to 59 in daytona beach. 59 in sanford and oviedo and ocala tonight, you tumbled to 54. in titusville, i'm going 62 and 65 in melbourne. the official forecast right here in orlando, 62. here's tomorrow. all right. the daytime high tomorrow goes all the way to 84 degrees. we start out at 63 at 8 a.m. by noon, 79. we tag 84 late in the day. 84 tomorrow, 86 on thursday and on friday rain chances will return. we will be warm. scattered showers come in saturday, sunday, monday. rain is coming back to the forecast. it starts to feel like summertime in the city. you can just about count on rain making a return. >> ginger: look at that 88. >> tom: it's crazy, isn't it? >> ginger: you know it's almost
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>> tom: it's too hot for me too soon. >> ginger: same here, tom. >> don't forget, you can get breaking weather alerts and live radar anytime on our free news 6 pinpoint weather app. just search wkmg in your app store. ahead at 4:00, a new travel warning for spring breakers. >> julie: then the local mayor who plans to last from cuba to florida and why. >> ginger: but first, a failed drug test forcing nike to suspend ties with tennis star maria sharapova. what that means in the form of
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>> ginger: tonight more fallout for tennis star maria sharapova. >> julie: the company said it was saddened and surprised at the news. sharapova, the world's highest female athlete, admitted she failed the test during the australian open in january. she said she had been taking a drug for years. she didn't know the anti-doping
4:26 pm
of the year. keep if mind, her eight-year deal with nike is reportedly worth $70 million and has deals with companies like porsche and avian. >> ginger: they just banned it at the beginning of the year. give her another opportunity to stop using it since it's now banned. >> julie: it's not like she's been taking it for 10 years. >> ginger: people are saying she probably knew it was banned. $70 million, that's a lot of money. airport officials are warning passengers about longer security lines for spring breakers. it's up more than 7% compared to this time last year. but the number of t.s.a. screeners is down 15% since 2011. they're working on boosting the speed, but they're advising fliers to make sure they get to the airport extra early. >> julie: still ahead, a local mayor sets his sights on a
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>> ginger: how he plans to last from cuba back to the sunshine state. and then a fiery rescue to save a family in this burning car. how a trooper stumbled upon the smokey scene, that's coming up. plus -- >> i'm more like the tough fighter pilot guy, but not after spending a year in space. i think i'm a little bit more compassionate now. >> julie: settling in after nearly a year in space. astronaut scott kelly gets personal about how things are different. getting results results in
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>> julie: new at 4:30, a local mayor says he plans to raft from cuba to florida. in minutes. and an update on scott kelly's return to earth. the biggest problem he's facing now. >> ginger: a crash happened while people were inside a home along north lakeland avenue just off washington street near downtown. johnny fernandez is joining us with how investigators want to
4:31 pm
>> reporter: code enforcement workers out this morning covering up the hole in the front of this home after the driver of this silver eclipse slammed right into it. the scene of the chaos here on lakeland avenue and bentley street. the car first slammed into the fence before crashing into the living room area of the house. the driver of the car took off shortly after the crash. at the time of the crash, police tell us two people were inside of the house. they conducted an area check for the driver and any possible passengers. the car was taken to police headquarters where it was processed for forensic evidence in hopes of finding the driver. >> as for the two people inside of the house at the time of the accident, they are expected to be okay. in orlando, johnny fernandez, news 6. >> ginger: tonight a security breach hits home. >> julie: orlando-based rosen hotels and resorts announced hackers tapped into the system and it began as far as 2014. in a statement released by the
4:32 pm
the hotels between september 2014 and february 18th, 2016, could be compromised." that is more than 18 months. the investigation shows someone install malware into its payment systems. so far rosen has not said what steps it's going to take to help the up customers potentially at risk. we'll have more on this at news 6 at 5:30. >> ginger: the mayor of de bary is planning an epic trip. he plans to travel 90 miles from cuba to key west on a hand made raft. >> reporter: he wants to tell an untold story. he's practicing for the trip here in central florida before making the journey in a few weeks. four barrels, some plywood and a dream that stretches across the ocean. >> first it's for adventure.
4:33 pm
the men, women and children go through to get here. >> reporter: de bary mayor clint johnson, preparing for an epic journey from cuba to key west, on this. >> i wanted to as much as possible as closely as possible experience what these people go through to get here. >> reporter: he spent several months getting permission from federal agencies. he plans to post updates online during the potentially dangerous trip. >> there is some risk and it's somewhat calculated and i'm excited to go on and do it. >> reporter: all in an effort to tell a story johnson says hasn't been told. >> it's something i really want to know what they go through to get here. >> ginger: i heard he was doing this and thought he can't be serious but he really is. >> julie: very serious. >> ginger: how long is it going
4:34 pm
>> reporter: he plans to leave mid-april and it could take anywhere from 2 and 10 days, depending on the weather. >> ginger: we're going to be probably tracking his practice i'm sure. >> reporter: oh, definitely. >> ginger: thank you. developing now, the heat is on and it's only getting warmer out there. perfect, of course, for bike week, as we take you live along main street in daytona beach. that's where all the action is happening. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is pinpointing how long these warmer temperatures will stick around. >> tom: for days on in. here's the visible satellite image. we have a touch of cloud cover tonight. put an h right there and watch everything rotate around it. it's nice, gentle. it is anything but nice and gentle in louisiana. arkansas and texas. i'll address that right now. we've got it really good here at home.
4:35 pm
eventually some of that moisture marches on over. it's going to take days because our high is so strong. storming through portions of tyler texas to shreveport to kansas. no rain for us. just the heat continuing to build. the high today was 79 degrees in orlando. the on-the-town forecast tonight goes like this, the reading right now in daytona beach is 74. we'll be down to 73 in orlando by 6:00. come the 7:00 hour, 70. it's been so pretty, we sent meteorologist candace campos out and about. she's in bithlo. what's up? >> reporter: we're starting our pinpoint weather road trip around town. our first stop is right here in bithlo. we decided to visit the orlando speed world where people are doing their time trials for this weekend's race. if you're coming out here, it looks like it's going to be a warm one just like tomorrow. let's pinpoint your forecast for folks living in bithlo or coming out to visit the speedway. temperatures will cool down, staying mostly dry throughout the overnight hours.
4:36 pm
question quickly soar right back up into the low 80's, even slightly warmer into the weekend, only a slight chance for rain. again, it will be more about the warmth than anything. our next stop, coming up at 5:00, will be out in geneva. for now, in bithlo, i'm candace campos. news 6. >> julie: thank you. candace. see you soon. this is a live look outside on i-4 at michigan avenue. cars on the right side of the screen are traveling eastbound and traffic is stop and go this afternoon. causing some delays for drivers. westbound lanes are looking a whole lot better. here's the drive times for you right now. i-4 westbound, you have a green light from the st. johns river bridge down to colonial. it takes 20 minutes. i-4 eastbound you're beginning to slow, osceola parkway to colonial. expect a 35-minute ride. tonight a big vision to ease traffic along the toll road. expressway officials want input
4:37 pm
right now, the 408 ends at cloenl colonial. the expressway authority wants to extend it 20 miles to state road 520 near the brevard county line. supporters say it will alleviate traffic troubles but critics say it will impact the econ river basin. the public meetings starts at 5:00 and runs until 7:00. >> ginger: the better business bureau is clearing the air about trump university. during last week's debate donald trump was confronted about the school he claimed the b.b.b. gave it an a-rating, even saying they faxed him the rating during the debate. trump university came under fire a decade ago when thousands of students complained about the program, saying they were defrauded. now the better business bureau is saying they never sent him a fax during the debate like trump claimed. the c.e.o. and president of the
4:38 pm
rating went as low as a d in 2010, but as the business began to wind down in 2015, the rating went as high as an a since no new complaints were being reported. >> trump university does not currently have an a rating with the b.b.b. the b.b.b. business review for this company has continually been no rating since september of 2015. prior to that, it fluctuated between a d-minus and an a-plus. >> ginger: she went on to say the document posted on social media thursday night was not a current review. it seemed to be part of a review from 2014. she also says trump university has never been a b.b.b. b.b.b.-accredited business. >> julie: starting at 5:00 tonight, the orange county sheriff's office is going to be on the lookout for future deputies >> they're hosting a job fair
4:39 pm
community center on east colonial. it includes 40 patrol officers and 13, 911 operators. the jobs are posted on a woman's family was watching tv sunday night when it suddenly burst into flames. she was thankful her sons were not riding it when it happened. >> you better be glad you were on punishment. he had just got in trouble the day before and couldn't ride it yesterday. >> julie: she says she bought the hoverboard on a website three days ago. read more about it on, powered by news 6. for drivers, it's prime real estate.
4:40 pm
spot feet from the door? >> ginger: we call it rock star parking. a sign is in place at cocoa city hall and it will be going up at brevard county sheriff's office precincts. the sheriff hopes the movement will continue to spread across central florida. i like the idea of giving those guys and women priority when it comes to parking, lot expectant moms and things like that. >> julie: we asked you on facebook what you think about the idea.
4:41 pm
>> julie: costly car insurance by state. which one is paying nearly a grand more than drivers in florida. getting results in lake mary, cocoa and all of central florida
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can >> ginger: big problems today on the turnpike. >> julie: crews spent hours cleaning up the mess after a truck crashed into a car hauler, spilling lumber all over the road. the crash created major traffic delays on the southbound ramp of the turnpike at i-4. truck was exiting the turnpike when the driver lost control. four people were taken to the hospital. everyone is expected to be okay. that area is now clear. tonight astronaut scott kelly is revealing more about his recovery after nearly a year in space. >> ginger: apparently it was
4:45 pm
reacclimate himself to gravity back here on earth. nasa is examining him to see how extended space travel effects the human body. he says gravity gets you down and soreness is just one of the side effects from spending 340 days in outer space. >> everything is pushed back down into my legs. >> ginger: while he says his legs are in pain, on cbs this morning, he revealed the hardest part about a year in space was being away from loved ones. all in all, he called it rewarding. and not just for him, but for nasa as well. they continue to test the effects of long duration space travel for future missions to mars. like he said last week, another hard thing to adjust to was
4:46 pm
didn't have any contact. that's why you should send couples to space. >> julie: that could be exciting. i don't know. an officer was driving behind a car along a highway in monterrey california when he saw it catch fire and start smoking. the car pulled over and a woman gets out. that's when you see the officer jump into action there. the officer pulls the child from the car and quickly hands it to the woman and heads back to the car and gets another child out of the smoke. he yells at the driver to get out. they escaped through the passenger door. the four family members were treated for smoke inhalation. they're all doing okay tonight. >> ginger: you can hear the kids crying because they're so upset. thank goodness they were there. >> julie: yeah. today is international women's day. >> ginger: if you're one of the few who haven't googled something today, the search
4:47 pm
of its special doodles. take a look. >> ginger: i love this one. google went to 13 countries and asked girls and women to complete this sentence. "one day i will." press play on the website's home page for a video with their answers. they're as varied as the women. one girl wants to open her own lab and another wants to make sure all girls can go to school. >> julie: awesome. new tonight, think your car insurance costs are steep? it could be worse. findings released this week by calls michigan comes in no. 1 for the most expensive auto insurance. drivers there pay an average of $1,000 more than here in florida. florida is 8th in the country at $1,854. for the cheapest cost, that's
4:48 pm
>> ginger: michigan with detroit and the motor city. >> tom: i've been living in florida 16, 17 years. to get your car serviced on a weekend in detroit, you couldn't. they're closed on weekends. they wouldn't service you, didn't sell much on the weekends. but everybody had to have a car because there's no mass transit. got a big subway system? no. bus system? no. >> ginger: chief meteorologist tom sorrells is joining us now. we're glad you left michigan and came to the south. >> tom: my life went from black and white to color. it's like moving to the land of oz. got away from the cold. i don't complain much here. this is good stuff. but if i were in texas, louisiana or kansas, i'd be crying the blues right now. it's pretty rough going on there. there's tornado watches and flood boxes going into arkansas
4:49 pm
here at home, perfect. we're doing well. no hits, no runs, no errors. we were just ragging on detroit about my life there. i don't mean to. i loved detroit. look at chicago, 68. 60 in kansas even with all the rain. almost 80 in memphis right now. it's 79, it's got to be going crazy. 72 in atlanta. 68 in myrtle beach, 75 in jacksonville. 70 in pensacola, right now in the city beautiful, we're checking in at 77 degrees. daytona beach, 74. 72 new smyrna beach. and 73 palm coast. brevard county has 75 in cocoa beach and 75 in melbourne. hot spots are away from the sea breeze. man, is it warm >> almost 80 in the villages and ocala and leesburg as well. 24-hour temperature change now versus where we were yesterday at this time, we're 2 degrees warmer in orlando. the same in sanford and ocala. 1 degree warmer in gainesville and 3 degrees warmer right now in cocoa beach than we were yesterday at the same time.
4:50 pm
you don't see much of it. it's all out there, very thin clouds working their way in. if you see clouds outside, it's not packing any moisture, not packing any change for you. a big cold front in the nation's interior, causing the ruckus. eventually it's sending moisture our way, but not until friday. watch the clock up in the corner. a little bit of cloud cover coming off the coast. futurecast likes to throw in a stray shower. there's not much moisture with these clouds. these are fair-weather clouds and no big lift to touch off any explosions, so we're good. thursday looks great. it's going to be friday, late, before the rain chances ever start to ramp up. lows tonight, 54 in ocala and 59 in daytona beach. our official forecast in orlando, partly cloudy at worst. the overnight low tonight will be 62. here's tomorrow. first thing in the morning tomorrow we're good. 63. by noon, 79.
4:51 pm
the way back to 84 degrees in orlando. planning forecast, 84 tomorrow. thursday, 86. then on friday, the daytime high is 84. saturday, 83. and sunday's high also about 83 degrees. i know, it's crazy. one week from today, the daytime highs will be like 88. >> ginger: that is a warm one. >> julie: thank you, tom. >> ginger: thank you, tom. can't check your news 6 weather app, you can now get updates partners all day long. and meteorologist troy bridges are pinpointing your weather on 105.9 sunny fm, 101.9 amp radio, and mix 105.1. >> julie: here's a live look at the afternoon drive. this is i-4 at church street. cars on the left side of the screen are heading westbound. cars on the right side are slowly moving eastbound. really pretty slow for you in both directions. expect to need extra time if
4:52 pm
>> julie: the 6th annual runaway country music festival is right around the corner. we're partnering with collis roofing to give you the ultimate fan experience. we're giving away tickets to the entire three-day event. watch news 6 at 11:00 for country star of the day and then head to, powered by news 6 to enter. it goes march 18th through the 20th at osceola heritage park. >> ginger: ahead at 4:30, the new health warning from sentra care. what they say is going around. >> julie: and ahead at 5:00, a car destroyed after it crashes into a lynx bus, trapping the driver inside. how that person behind the wheel is doing tonight. >> ginger: plus, meet the most high-tech teacher around. the two topics this robot has
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>> remember, news 6 is always on, your smartphone and your tablet. take us with you. >> julie: tonight a new warning from health experts. >> ginger: doctors at sentra care say it's not just allergy cases on the rise this time of year. they tell news 6 pink eye is going around as well. they've seen a big increase in cases in the conway location as well as orange, lake, sanford and south orange sentra care centers. pink eye is highly contagious >> sometimes time is all it needs. in other cases, prescription eyedrops will do the trick. >> julie: imagine this, having a robot as your teacher. her expertise, of course, technology. >> ginger: okay. meet zora, the robot teacher
4:57 pm
she teaches technology in foreign languages to middle schoolers. >> julie: she's so cute. >> ginger: her salary, roughly $19,000. i think some real teachers are going to unplug zora. >> matt: can you imagine all the spit balls that thing would collect during the day? >> ginger: only from students named matt austin. >> matt: she better be able to tell whether you're asleep or not. >> ginger: matt austin is joining us with the stories coming up on the news at 5:00. >> matt: wrestling fans, are you ready? wrestle mania is coming back to the citrus bowl next year. it's the second time hosting wrestling's big event. why w.w.e. says orlando is the perfect place for tens of thousands of fans to come together. and developing right now, we're learning more about the failing health of a notorious whale at seaworld. new for 5:00, why an animal rights organization says the
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in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake, home of the original steakburger. >> ginger: why w.w.e. chose orlando to host next year's wrestle mania at the citrus


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